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Living and entertaining outdoors has become a part of our lives, making outdoor "rooms" a trend in home decor.  Increase the ability to enjoy nature by making your yard a peaceful refuge from all the pressures that create stress.  This concept in backyard landscaping meant to attract wildlife is called Birdscaping.

Create an outdoor paradise in your own backyard.


Birdscaping is the art of creating habitats for song birds by planting native plants trees and shrubs that bear seeds, nuts, berries, nectar and sap. Birdscaping also encompasses creating a bathing and drinking area plus a place to hide from predators. Song birds search far and wide for native plants and trees in which to eat and nest.

unfortunate that the habitat of birds is disappearing at an alaming rate due to over-population and development. But you can make a huge difference by planting one or two native plants and putting up a feeder with quality seed & providing water.   Then the birds like the cardinal and the american robin wil reward you with their healing song and their stress relieving color.

Tim's Birdscaping service can turn your backyard into a songbird oasis. We don't just sit behind the counter and sell feeders, we provide a service. If you live in the County of Westchester we will come by and install your feeder and survey the property.
Our job is to get you into the wonderful hobby of backyard birding.

-Tim Mack, Birdscaper

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