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Meet JHL's Bird Man (from Jewish Home Lifecare)

     The finches, morning doves and canaries in the giant Aviary facing the gardens at the Manhattan Division are thriving, mating and nesting as never before, thanks to the loving ministrations of Timothy Mack, a 14-year veteran of the Environmental Services Department. Residents, staff and visitors have all commented on the new “back to nature” appearance of the Aviary.
     Tim, who describes himself as a “birdscaper,” says he combines the skills of a gardener, landscaper and bird lover to create natural habitats for his winged friends. He says that one of the first things he did when taking over responsibility for the aviary was to make the habitat more natural. “I cleared out most of the bulky bird feeders, swings and artificial perches and distracting colorful objects that don’t appear in nature. There’s much more green, natural perches, and less clutter now.”
      He’s even altered their diet and the way they feed. ”I’ve added things like spinach and kale and corn for a more balanced and natural diet,” says Tim. ”And I hide some of the food in corners or scatter it around so they have to forage for it as they do in nature. It’s stimulating for them.”
      Tim also provides generous amounts of natural nesting materials for the birds to build their nests during mating season. ”In the new habitat they’re mating more and are more energetic,” he observes. ”It’s interesting that 90% of the birds you now see in the Aviary were born there, and they’re all thriving. Now, that gives me a really good feeling.”
      He says that he’s always loved nature and birds and gardening, but really got into it in a serious way about five years ago when his wife gave him a beautiful bird feeder as a birthday gift. With assistance from an uncle, he’s set up Tim’s Birdscaping Service, a small business that he operates from his home in Hartsdale.
      Tim says that his grandmother was a client of the Manhattan Adult Day Program for about five years and that she loved the program. ”It meant so much to her,” he confides. ”I know that she would have really appreciated the changes I’ve made in the Aviary.”

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